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Preparing You for Correctional Ministry

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As a founding member of the newly formed Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA), we invite you to join the CMCA movement!

IPM recently hosted the inaugural meeting of the CMCA in May. The mission of the CMCA is “to connect, encourage, equip and strengthen Christians as they fulfill the Great Commissio in Corrections.”

We are excited to see the outstanding support for CMCA and we invite you to join with us as we work together to understand and serve those affected by crime and its aftermath.

Courses Offered:

Leadership and Spiritual Formation of Offenders
August 24 to October 14;
Provides opportunities for personal leadership development and strategies for evangelism and discipleship of offenders.

Foundations of Offender Reentry
October 19 to December 9; Online and at CAPA Conference.
A Biblical foundation for reentry ministry. Examines the issues, barriers and challenges to successful ex-offender reentry.

Foundations of Correctional Chaplaincy
October 19 to December 9; Online.
An overview of correctional chaplaincy as it functions in jails and prisons.

The School for Correctional Ministries Credential Program at Wheaton College equips professionals and volunteers for effective jail, prison, and reentry ministry through residential and online courses. We offer specialized training through experienced faculty for those seeking to increase their professionalism and quality of correctional ministry. Networking opportunities encourage learning from others who share the same passion and ministry.

Meet our Graduates!

Jenifer Reynolds

In December, 2011, Jenifer Reynolds was awarded the Reentry Leadership Credential. “What I learned through the program was more valuable than I can put into words,”shares Jenifer. “The course takes students through every aspect of prison ministry and equips people to be strategic in how they work.” Since graduating, Reynolds has become executive director of DenverWorks. And, she is dreaming big for the next two to three years.

First, she plans to create a business model for DenverWorks that will provide transitional employment for people to become employment ready. Second, Reynolds is pursuing a “shared space, one-stop” model of partnership in which community organization and government entities in Denver will have offices/services in one space to meet the many needs of ex-offenders – emotional, physical, occupational, relational, etc. “God works in community,” she shares. “That is the best way for us to work as well.”

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